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“Carl Gustave young” is one of the most prominent contemporary intellectuals who studied the subject of Archetypes and their reproduction in modern political myths framework. From young’s view, the Archetypes are included as categories that are inherited from forefathers and lineages and consists some parts of our unconscious. The Archetypes showed off in the frame of myths and fables ; but- in contrary to enlightenment prediction-not only they did not eradicate , but also they expose the modern political life to much changes. One of its prominent changes is the formation of modern political ideologies and mass movements. Simply said, the Archetypes continue to live in another form in modern age. Based on this fact, this essay tries to study the relationships between modern political myths and Archetypes, Based on the theoretical framework of “Carl Gustave Young”. The main question of this essay is: How do the Archetypes reproduce in modern human’s soul? The hypothesis of this essay is that these Archetypes have sediment in unconscious of human and the modern charismatic leaders have activated them again through rearticulating of Archetypes. The approach of this essay is ideology (Knowing thought). It means that it reconstructs the formation process of Archetypes in modern age. The method of the essay is also qualitative content analysis. It means that it deals with analyzing (derivation, argumentation for or against) the ideas and concepts related with Archetypes. We can consider the most important finding of the present research as following: in the recent modernity age, the Archetypes exist in human’ unconscious and the psychological and social crises (like confusion among tradition and modernism) can provide this opportunity for authoritarian charismatic leaders to activate them again. Simply said, in the current age, the context of totalitarian ideologies formation-based on Archetypes -is provided
mohamad ali tavana - farzad azarkamand
کلمات کلیدی : political myths ، Archetypes ، unconscious ، charismatic leaders ، Young
the presidential elections in Iran have always surprised the political analysts and experts. Through the analytical investigations of 11th presidential elections of Iran , both at the level of Iranian and also foreign analysts, it has become clear that the most of this surprise is due to the one-factor and one- dimensional analyses and there is no model that can investigate all effective layers and dimensions in the elections’ results. So this essay is determined to study the 11th elections by means of 3-layer model that its most internal layer is discursive level of elections, its medial layer is based on the relative deprivation theory that tries to illustrate the social and economic circumstances of society and its outset layer, studies the description of the field level of elections and presents the personal, political and social factors that are effective in the elections results
saeed nariman -
کلمات کلیدی : The 11th elections ، multi-layer model ، discourse ، moderation ، relative deprivation
In order to clarify the procedure of 11th presidential elections, the various reasons have been referred to and the quality of hassan rouhani’s politics and his supporting team in election competitions days to election waves created by political groups in his support have been emphasized to. In this paper it is attempted to study the reflection of psychological origins and relative deprivation feeling created in Iranian' society in formation of supporting wave of Rouhani. Generally, in individualistic and psychological prospect, the circumstances of changing the existing situation can be looked for in individual imaginations and feelings that in themselves are affected by social changes. In this paper, based on theoretical pattern of “Ted Robert Gar” and considering this presumption that the social dissatisfaction and trying to change the existing situation, is due to the amount and degree of relative deprivation feeling among various groups of every society, the grounds of relative deprivation creation in society including the understanding of inequality in 8-year period of 9th and 10th governments have been studied. Finally, it can concluded that how the various factors like development of universities and their dissatisfaction of government’ performance, the formation of class gap due to the conspicuous difference of per capita income and increasing inflation and expenses and unemployment , have reflected themselves in society’s relative deprivation, frustration and finally a general attempt for changing the existing situation and voting for the most prominent election candidates who is precursor of changing the situation
کلمات کلیدی : the relative deprivation ، understanding of inequality ، changing of existing situation ، the class gap ، inflation
After ending the cold war, the identity boundaries of nations that are specified based on the dependence on one of the political and ideological poles or independence on them , have been changed and the role and importance of culture in identity finding process of nations have turned out to be more prominent . While the identity boundaries in the past were specified in terms of political, ideological and economic indexes, gradually the identity boundaries were formed based on cultural indexes and civilizational and cultural identity were determined as a distinguishing basis of political units. This paper seeks to specify the argument of contrast inside and outside of civilization in recent years based on the theory of clash of civilizations. The result of this paper confirms this assumption that in new circumstances, the one-sided process of globalization, equally has removed the cultural boundaries of societies and proceed in the direction of westernizing them, has caused social groups redefine its identity based on its separation from west and western culture and civilization and increase the rate of west fighting and retreating in cultural and civilizational identity finding process
کلمات کلیدی : civilization ، identity finding ، The clash of civilizations ، the inner-war civilization ، intra-civilization war
Few decades have passed since the birth of regional studies as sub-field of political science and international relations, but the dominance of international relations approaches on scientific literature and research method of this scientific field in inevitable. The evolution procedure of regional studies field showed that doing research in this field may require research in history, political science, sociology, economics, geopolitics and many of other scientific tendencies that can be referred based on the case. This subject shows the difficulty of research in regional studies field. This paper is determined to introduce the Fuzzy cognitive maps as a method with capability of application in regional studies field, so this method can meet the researcher’s needs in the field of study of subjects without any background before, or entitled as a vague phenomenon. The advantage of this method firstly is the ability of recognizing the elements of vague phenomenon and helping to understanding the relations among them and secondly the derivation of the agreed point from various views about that phenomenon
- -
کلمات کلیدی : political science and international relations ، regional studies ، research method ، Fuzzy logic ، Fuzzy cognitive maps

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