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Sovereignty issue has been the topic of long debates where the follow-up of interpretations of this concept in scripture has led to a variety of votes. Thomas Hobbes, the sovereignty theorist, has had a pivotal role in clarifying the relationship between Sovereignty and religion in the early era of modernism by interpreting Scripture based on his scientific method. This article highlights the transformation in the concept of natural rights as a bridge between sovereignty and religion in Hobbes's theory. In addition, this study corresponds to this concept with Hobbes's interpretation of Scripture and, thereby, it is claimed that Hobbes has embedded the main component of his theory, which is social contract, in reading the Scripture. Then, Hobbes interprets it in favor of a powerful ruling authority who is seeking for individuals' peace and security and also the maintaining the individuals' natural rights at large.
- Mohammad Karim Mohammadi
Keywords : sovereignty ، Hobbes ، Scripture ، natural right ، interpretation
In this article we seek to attribute that to evaluate the effectiveness of government and political system, With reference to structural-functional systems theory to the theoretical framework. The main question in this article, is seeking for reliable indicators for the effectiveness of government from the perspective of political science. To answer this question, efficient capacities in the form of six capacities there for any government, will be discussed. Six potential monopoly of the legitimate use of force, extraction, shaping national identity, regulatory identity, maintaining internal and redistributive cohesion, in this article has been studied as indexes of government effectiveness. In this paper, our perception of efficiency can be considered as duties or common authorities in addition to great symmetry with economic understanding and management of this concept, linked with the key concept of "power" in political science. In this concept of efficiency, has been considered to the actual position of governments in countries and communities today, with an emphasis on the duties, powers and abilities as well as their expectations. This notion of efficiency, the closest and most functional conception of the concept of efficiency in political science which can be a reliable basis and theoretical framework for research on the effectiveness of the government.
mohammad kamalizadeh -
Keywords : Efficiency ، capacity of the state ، authority of state ، structural - functional theories ، political science
Given the conflicting results of different research findings on the relationship between religiosity and political culture in the past few decades, this article attempts to show what variable affects on type of relationship between religiosity and political culture. The type of research method is documentary and based on the theoretical and empirical foundations review of the religiosity and political culture. The research findings indicate type of reading and understanding of religion and political culture is influential in determining the type of relationship between religiosity and political culture. More precisely, As the type of religiosity of people according to the type of reading (understanding) of religion can be strict, moderate and too tolerant, The political culture of people can also be categorized according to the same criteria as strict, moderate, and too tolerant and the type of reading from religion (and hence religiosity) and the political culture that leads to different types of religiosity and political culture affects the type of correlation of them, so that consistent and corresponding readings of religion and political culture conducive to a positive relationship between them, mutually, inconsistent readings conducive to negative relationship. This article has attempted to offer the relationship between religiosity and political culture variables in the form of a theoretical - explanative model.
- Alireza Mohseni Tabrizi
Keywords : religiosity ، political culture ، type of reading ، understanding ، theoretical model
Although Amartya Sens capability approach initially emerged in academic area as a critique to normative and ethical economic foundations, especially welfare economics in 1980s, it has been employed extensively in the context of human development. One of the main concerns of this approach was the marginalization of human being from the axis of development and well-being and its main critique to others was to consider human as a passive being. Some critics have suggested that, although this approach attempted to introduce a new concept of human beings in economic area, it could not go beyond the current economical human of economics and it just provided more humane conception of development than development for human beings. The majority of criticisms of anthropological basis of Sens approach include three critiques of misinterpretation of human notion, being pre-socio political and methodological individualism. In this paper it's attempted to response to these three critiques based on the definition of agency which Sen has expanded in his approach and then design a theoretical-philosophical agency for misinterpretation anthropological foundation of capability approach by transition from agency (of actors) to citizenship.
- saeed nariman
Keywords : capability approach ، Amartya Sens ، anthropology ، citizenship ، agency
The relationship between religion and sovereignty has been long debates which by pursuing evolution their concepts , there are variety of votes about remedial understanding of Scripture, especially in connection with how concept of sovereignty . Thomas Hobbes theorist sovereignty in early modern period by interpretation of Scripture and based on the method of its own have important role in this study and apply the of two areas and concept. This article highlights concept of natural rights as a bridge between sovereignty and religion in theory Hobbes and by adaptation this concept in Hobbs interpretation of Scripture, claims that Hobbs by certain internal cohesion , included the main component of his theory namely social contract in reading Scripture and interpretes Scripture in favour of a powerful ruling authority in the wake of peace and security of individual and protection of the rights of individual and generally natural rights.
Hassan Ghasemi
Keywords : sovereignty ، Hobbes ، Scripture ، Natural Right ، Interpretation

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